Safety is a top priority for Huxted Tunneling. We are committed to achieving an accident free workplace. Proactive involvement, personal responsibility, personal accountability, and continuous individual improvement are expected of all employees, subcontractors, vendors and clients. Safety is of utmost importance in the planning of all work, and every one of our employees embrace his/her role in successfully implementing our Safety Program.

Safety is Every Employee’s Responsibility.

The fundamental elements of the Huxted Safety Program are:

  • Every employee has an obligation to stop a work activity if it will prevent an accident.
  • Employees understand our Corporate Health and Safety Program and comply with its requirements.
  • Each employee knows and acts in accordance with the Corporate Health and Safety Program to protect themselves, their co-workers, the environment and property.
  • Each employee is appropriately trained to safely perform his/her assigned tasks.
  • Promote effective planning and communication.
  • Effective Health and Safety performance is recognized.
  • All incidents are reported.
  • Employees are encouraged to identify areas requiring improvement and to participate in developing action plans.

We Create a Culture of Safety within the Company.

“Safety culture is defined as the enduring value and prioritization of worker and public safety by each member of each group and in every level of an organization. It refers to the extent to which individuals and groups will commit to personal responsibility for safety; act to preserve, enhance and communicate safety concerns; strive to actively learn, adapt and modify (both individual and organizational) behavior based on lessons learned from mistakes; and strive to be honored in association with these values.”  (T.L Von Thaden and A.M. Gibbons, 2008)

This Company is committed to the fundamental elements of the Corporate Health and Safety Program and the key elements required to create and nurture a Culture of Safety.

At Huxted Tunneling, we are united in our commitment to the safety of our employees, our clients, and our workplace.

Rolando E. Acosta, CEO

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